Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Alert: Obama Plate Dies in fall

Yes the sad news is Obama Plate while perched on a railing succumbed to wind power and fell to his death. Witnesses said it happened so quickly, there just wasn’t any time to make a diving catch. Obama Plate’s Life Long companion, Gwillie had this to say. “He was a good plate, I thought of buying another and not telling anyone but it just wouldn’t have been the same.”

Obama Plate dead at age 1 week.


June 30th 005

The shot he was supposed to be in

June 30th 004

Obama Plate June 23 2009 – June 30 2009

Obama Plate And the USS John C. Stennis

the supercarrier Stennis came to Everett yesterday, with its aircraft onboard! A rare sight that Obama Plate didn’t want to miss.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Obama Plate At Work

Well he didn’t do any work, I just brought him with me. today was inventory day and only a hand full of us were there so it was a perfect day to bring him.

Obama Plate was happy to see that I work for a company that is working to improve the environment, but he’s still going to tax them.

June 29th 001

And he was impressed with all the equipment we had.

June 29th 004 June 29th 005  June 29th 006

All that just to make doors?

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Remember to register and vote

Obama plate working to register new democrats for next years midterm elections

June 27th 037crop June 27th 035

Its only 17 months away

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Obama Plate is not happy

Obama Plate is still trying to figure out what caused his dramatic drop in price this year. It could not have been because people didn’t want Obama merchandise, there had to be some other reason, could it be that an Obama Plate is no match for “Obama Hotflops”?


Na not that. We’ll keep trying to figure this out.

Noc Noc Joke

Noc Noc…

Who’s There?


2dollar who…

June 27th 132

2dollar Barak Obama Plate silly, it’s my blog you should of guessed!

2Dollar Obama plate’s first Trip

Out of the box and out on the town My 2 Dollar Obama Plate Makes a trip to Downtown Seattle Washington.

June 27th 003

Obama Plate’s First Escalator.

June 27th 004 

It was a little Disappointing for him because it was broken

June 27th 005

Obama Plate meets local law enforcement.

June 27th 008

And a few of the little people.

June 27th 010

Obama Plate hangs out with a couple of Commies. It’s good to be with friends.

June 27th 017

Obama Plate takes in some local music, some of it is really good.

The Tallboys are my fav.

June 27th 029 June 27th 030

June 27th 056 June 27th 065

Oh Obama Plate was none to happy to see this!

June 27th 066

LaRouche, you are on “The List”

June 27th 072

This did Cheer Obama Plate right back up.

June 27th 074

A loyal Subject.

June 27th 076

What a nice view.


June 27th 077

It’s good to see America working again

June 27th 080

It’s been a long day for a new Obama Plate a little rest in the park sounds good.

June 27th 082

What a view! The Rock ‘n roll 1/2 marathon

June 27th 086

Oh man, Obama Plate’s first Scandal!

June 27th 129

June 27th 088

We had a long talk and Obama Plate assures me it will never happen again.

June 27th 108

After sobering up Obama Plate enjoys a 5 star meal at the Edgewater Inn

June 27th 109

And stops to pose with his fans!

June 27th 117

And that's quite a day for his first outing for more Obama Plate pictures check out my flickr page.